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From £10.99-£13.00 per hour

Aid to Freedom offers a cleaner introduction service to households around the UK. Why not let one of our pre checked cleaners take the stress our of life by providing you with a clean home to relax in? A clean home is a happy home.

Below is some of the more commonly asked questions.

How much will a cleaner cost me?

An Aid to Freedom Introduced cleaner will charge between £7.99-10 per hour. This is paid directly to the cleaner by yourself.

The Aid to Freedom Management fee is paid each quarter (13 weeks) by card payment or standing order. The management fee is for the introduction of the cleaner, liability insurance of the cleaner and to manage any issues you bring to us about your cleaner. This works out at about £3 per hour. this brings the over all cost per hour to £10.99-13 per hour (depending on the cleaners rate)

What do you get?

Weekly cleaning:– A fully vetted and police checked cleaner will come to your home each week for a minimum of 2 hours per  visit.

Fortnightly cleaning:-  The same as weekly but but for 4 hours per visit (its worth note that fortnightly cleaning can cause issues with your cleaner. Please call us for more information and advice)

Weekly cleaning and Ironing:– Your cleaner can do cleaning and Ironing in your home. Ironing is at the same hourly rate as cleaning.

How do I book a cleaner for my home?

Aid to Freedom website has an online form to fill out, just click on the book tab above, or you can download and print a form from the download section above.

Will I have chance to meet my cleaner before they start?

Yes.  Your cleaner will contact you and arrange to come to see you before the cleaner starts cleaning. The cleaner will then discuss the finer details like days and times to visit your home. You may want your cleaner to take their police check or other documentation for your inspection, if this is the case please advise your cleaner if this prior to the cleaner visiting your home.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. We don’t lock you into a long contract. We just require 4 weeks written notice for the management fee. But you can stop having your cleaner at any time.


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